Your Vendor Coordinator, Amatha

Who runs Bartertown?

Hey there, Wanderer, you look like you have some hard earned caps or maybe some old world cash burning a hole in your pocket.

Uranium Springs has attracted some amazing vendors who have brought just what you need. Food to keep your energy up, clothing to keep the rads and wind at bay, weapons to keep the raiders in their place, and wasteland artisans of all types for the trinkets you can’t do without. It is not just your shopping needs that downtown Uranium Springs can take care of, it is the home of the WCC Post Office, Security Outpost, and the always hopping Wreck Room.

Think you got what it takes to be a Vendor at Uranium Springs? Contact our Vendor Coordinator, Amatha, at

Vendors shops are dealing from 10am till 5pm, but that does not mean that the town is shutting down.

After dark, entertain yourself at the Mad Cap Casino where caps are king, Rusty Stinger for your refreshment needs, and amazing performances at the main stage. If all night dancing and people watching is on your menu, come check out what the Cagez have captured for your dancing enjoyment.

Everything you could need or want, in the heart of Uranium Springs!

2018 Vendors

The Wreck Room

Purveyor: Mike Schifano aka Mick Awful

The WRECK ROOM Uranium Springs’ shaded chill spot. Come hang out on wasteland furniture, enjoy free snacks, play games, meet new people, and enjoy one of several fun events.

Tinker Box

Purveyors: Amatha & Edwin Edgerly aka Patch & Glitch Tinker

Patches, costume basics, bones, bits and misc accessories.

Crow’s Nest

Purveyors: Brendan J. Kroning & Mitchell Bagwell
We’ve got weapons, soap, food, booze, and jewelry! If it is not nailed down somewhere, I’ve brought it out to sell!

The Junksmiths

Purveyors: Robert Harbin & Richard Moore aka The Junksmith & Meow Mix
We supply weapons, both props and real knives for all your work needs. We also offer basic general store necessities from batteries to snacks to hygiene products. Stop on by, to meet your needs.

Atomic Fox

Purveyor: Quillion Corbie Dayton

Leather accessories and masks, walking sticks, horn cups and spoons

Junk Town Jerky

Purveyor: Matthew Trotter

Jerky! Jerky! Jerky! Jerky! Jerky! Jerky!

The Crash Cart

Purveyor: Barbara Ellquist aka Auntie Virus

Women’s clothing, a small supply of men’s clothing, jewelry, accessories, and some of those little things you may have forgotten to pack. As well as the official Uranium Springs vendor for t-shirts and memorabilia!

Photo by Ryan Speth

Denixen Healing Hands

Purveyor: Zanity Denixen

Come relax in a comfy chair for a therapeutic chair massage. Reiki master Zanity Denixen will be available to apply her healing hands to soothe your muscles and restore and revitalize your energies. Also for those who seek further insight Zanity can provide you with an entertaining and soulful reading with her divination cards. Lastly treat yourself with a bit of indulgence. Tasty treats and trinkets and treasures will be available for sale as well.

Explosive Oddities

Purveyor: Dominic Cinq-Mars
I sell “explosives,” medical instruments, oddities, tools, and the toys you need in the wastes!

Amazonia and Estria’s Essentials

Purveyor: Anna Potts

We carry utility kilts (ripstop, camo, od green, tan, etc), handmade tattooed leather bags, dust mask/ leather goggles, working on some propane fire pits with fire glass in old car parts.

Merc Mercantile

Purveyor: Brent Armstrong – Alchemist

Carries anything from ceramic/metal feast gear, to military surplus, custom build wood/ metal furniture.

Six Finger Discount

Purveyor: Nick Stratton aka Chop Chop
We are a merchant tribe of mutants and mutant-sympathizers from EOD. Our wares include: Toys, Weapons, Gear, Porn, and anything else that makes you smile!

Strong Leather Goods

Purveyor: Mike Strong
A custom order leather worker, along with selling upcycled hip pouches and handmade leather stuff patches, masks, belts, and belt pouches. Visit our Etsy Shop!

Vixen’s Cosplay Closet Boutique

Purveyor: Jill Ficcaglia aka Vixen
Secondhand clothing handpicked for the cosplayer and costume artist.

Silver Skull Armory

Purveyor: Jay Kirbster aka Kirby
We specialize in post-apocalyptic weapons and armor. Originals, custom, production designs, and creative consulting.

The Crazy Blacksmith

Purveyor: Cal Raider
Almost all of your blacksmithing needs onsite!

Hellfire Forge

Purveyor: Earl Blackmoore

Forged goods, and a forge onsite for demos and repairs.