The Town

Do you want to Vend?

We have a special deal for vendors at Uranium Springs. For vendors who will be setting up a booth and manning it for a majority of the daylight hours of the event, there will be no charge for your space, and we will give you one free admission. We do encourage you to make sure your Tax paperwork is in order.

We know how hard it is to get your wares loaded up and set up at a remote event like this and it is our goal to make sure you get every opportunity to make it worth the work.

For Merchants who want to build a future with Uranium Springs, we will be offering a reserved site deal in the town, where Merchants can build shops that can stay set up from year to year. For more info on what a reserved shop location entails please contact Amatha Edgerly E-mail :

Vendors will be listed as we get closer to the event with links to their web pages so pre-orders can be arranged.

Previous Vendors

Auntie Virus’ Crash Cart

Dark Goddess Creations

GI Trading Co.

The Junksmith

Mike’s Recovery Room

Six Finger Discount

six finger discount logo

We are a merchant tribe of mutants and mutant-sympathizers from EOD. Our wares include: Toys, Weapons, Gear, Porn, And anything else that makes you smile!



The Rusty Stinger

This year is a donation supplied free bar for our over 21 guests. We will gladly accept alcohol and mixer donations at the Processing Center when you arrive, or they can be dropped off at the bar after sunset Friday and Saturday of the event.

We are also accepting home brews, but they must be provided in 5 gallon kegs that we will hook to our keg system.

Major upgrades to the bar have been made to make sure you get the best apocalypse concoctions in your mouth!

Wasteland Communication Corp

Purchase your very own Uranium Springs postcards.. Mail something to someone, somewhere anywhere in Uranium Springs… Send a death threat to your enemies… Mail a note to your future self to be delivered at Wasteland Weekend, or a future Detonation…