Schedule of Events

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Schedule of Events

Actual times for all performances, or events, listed here will be found in the Survival Guide that will be distributed at check-in. 

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Story-time with Wez: A reading by Vernon G. Wells!

Bacchanalia! Hosted by Legio I: Canis Ferrous.

Riders of the Wastes …. Your chance to view how other wastelanders ride the apocalypse.

Death Rally Races!… Come see what everyone is talking about.

Storm Crow “Post-Race” Happy Hour. Even losers need a drink!

Raven Ember. Returning to the stage to dance away the apocalyptic demons… or call them out.

The waste famous Nuclear Bombshells! A Post-Apocalyptic Burlesque Review.

The Shooting Range. With real guns!

*Read the Rules Here.

Detonation’s Molotov Cocktail Pit! Come burn things with us!

*Molotov’s provided, do not bring your own!

Scar Eater, wasteland metal to melt you face off! Again!

Assemblage 23… Industrial, Electronic, Synth-pop. We have em at Detonation!

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