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Potable Water On Site

This year we will not have potable water on site. There is a windmill driven water pump about 3/4 of a mile from teh site that pumps into a watering hole for local cattle, but quality and levels of water are questionable. We suggest you bring all the water you need for the event.

Alcohol rules

Uranium Springs adheres to the Arizona laws concerning alcohol. If you are dispensing alcohol in your camps please know the ages of your drinkers. The fines are stiff, and we don’t want anyone getting hurt. More info on our drink options coming soon.

Entertainers Musicians and DJs

We would like to send a big Welcome and Thank You to Tamara Jenny who is out musical entertainment organizer.  Tamara is a well traveled DJ and musician in the Industrial and Electro scenes.  She is a member is two bands, I Am Drugs and Alter Der Ruine  and is known far and wide as […]

Gladiator and Jugger groups

If you wish to throw down some Jugger matches or Gladiator matches we encourage you to do so. At this time we don’t have any official plans, but are willing to work with groups to give the best situation for those things to happen. Contact Rev’Rend Lawless to discuss

Rules on Photography

We have no rules on photography.  Anyone attending the event must understand that photos will be taken. Photographers, we ask that you follow some basic courtesy guidelines.  If you are taking photos with the intent to sell the work notify your subjects and the Uranium Springs staff.  

Parties in camps.

We encourage groups who wish to host gathering in their camps to do so.  We will have an announcement board available to post party info, and welcome posts on the Facebook pages promoting your activities. We will end noisy parties in town at 2am, private party camps will be welcome to roll all night at […]

Camping locations and parking

The town of Uranium Springs will be the hub of activity for planned events, and visitors will be camping around the town. Camping area will be marked.  Camp locations are a first come first serve situation. Some groups and individuals have reserved plots of land that they will be building permanent structures on over the […]

Firearms Rules

We will once again host a live fire shooting range this year but it will be much more limited than last year. The firing range will only be open from 10am to 1pm Friday and Saturday. Real firearms cannot be used as part of your costume in any situation. Firearms MUST remain unloaded at all […]

Uranium Springs : Tickets

It is time…the festival sirens are blaring a call out to all wasteland travelers, highwaymen, scavengers, gangs, tribes and nomads to gather in the town of Uranium Springs for another greasy, rusty, leather clad revel in the Arizona wastes. This year the ticket prices are $50 until May 1st Tickets will be available at site […]