Death Rally Cart Racing

It’s years…maybe decades… after The Fall and those who roam the wastes have learned the value of a gallon of gas or a tire that holds air. When the only way to stay alive is to burn that gas or spin that tire—as either prey or predator—the motor-heads of the wasteland needed a new way to blow off steam, a new motor sport easier on the precious resources of fuel and real car parts.

Death Rally Cart, or DRC, racing was born. Started among individual tribes as friendly (if rather violent) competition, DRC racing spread to other tribes and rivalries began. Using only a few ounces of precious go juice, and not chancing the destruction of the real ride that might save your life or get you dinner, DRC races are a source of bragging rights and inebriated campfire stories

Welcome to Death Rally Cart (DRC) Racing!

Goal: DRC racing is intended primarily as entertainment for both spectators and drivers. Theatrical presentations and on-track antics are encouraged, but this is not a scripted sport. The primary goal is entertainment, and over the top showmanship is rewarded by adoring fans. We also want this aspect of the wastes to be open to as many folks as possible, so we’re working to keep the cost of participating as low as possible. By keeping to small, light, go-carts as the primary chassis choice, we keep both the initial investment and the difficulty of transporting the cart to events relatively low. The controlled speeds of these smaller mini sandrails also keep it reasonably safe because in spite of the name of the race series, we’d prefer that none of our fellow wastelanders actually die. So you have rust in your blood, and the burning desire to jump behind the wheel of your own Death Rally vehicle?  You think you have the mechanical know how to keep a vehicle running in adverse situations, or the showmanship and charisma to call in a pit crew?  Or maybe both?

Here you will find all the up to date rules for DRC.  We strive to keep the rules minimal, and the fun high.  Keeping drivers and spectators safe while we push the limits of man and machine is our mission.