The feature of Uranium Springs that makes this a unique project is that we are making land available for groups and individuals to build on the property and leave there structures in place year round to be used at the next event. The guidelines listed below are subject to change as we are exploring how to make this as efficient and fun as possible.

A group or individual who wishes to make their camp a permanent part of Uranium Springs can do so by contacting our land management team and registering their Tribe/Gang/Group or name in the EoD Tribes database.  This is a one time fee of $25 that registers you as an official Group in the EoD, your groups logo will be registered and recorded and no one will be able to use a logo that matches or is too close in appearance.  Your Registered Group will have a dedicated page on the web site with info about your group, and can be linked to outside websites as needed.  Groups and individuals who go through the effort of building up a post apocalyptic camp will not be charged an extra fee for use of there plot. To retain this spot year after year you must have a presence of 1 attendee per 15×15 plot of land your camp occupies.

Groups that are no shows, and have not made special arrangements waive ownership of their plots and their camps will be open to other guests on Salvage Night (Friday). We are not looking to tear down groups hard work and understand that issues occur that may prevent attendance of an event, so contacting land management and working out a one year protection of a site is possible.

Salvage Night – as in all extreme hobbies people come and go. We will hate to see anyone leave but if this happens we will have a Salvage Night, where camps can set upon abandon camp sites to salvage any goods they want for their camp. After the site has been picked over by our established camps, the plot will become available for new campers.

What can you build? Well this may change over time but currently no structure can be larger than 10’x20′. and must be movable. So, for example you wish to build a 10 foot square hovel, build it like a storage shed, and that shed can be placed on cement supports with bolts to secure it. If you have aspirations of something grand and impressive contact the land management team and we can work to make larger building projects a reality. Larger building projects will require more scrutiny.

What to be aware of weather wise. The climate and weather conditions of Uranium springs is a series of extremes. It gets COLD in the winter. HOT in the summer, and high winds are a constant throughout the year. There is snow in the winter so your structures will be subjected to sitting moisture. I mentioned wind, this is the weather element not to take lightly. There are times of year that gusts of 100 mph hit the area, and flimsy structures will be taken down. Even well built structures can fall victim to the winds if not secured to the ground.

Animals of the area are limited, but we are in a cattle grazing path. there is not much for cows to eat on our site, so we don’t have problems with cow poop, but advice from the rangers in the area is that if we build shade structures and don’t have a fence around them, the cows will find it, and make it a hang out. We have minimal snakes (in 3 years I have seen none) there are small rabbits, lizards, and deer as well as the occasional coyote pack. None of which are a threat to the site. We are luck to have no noticeable big spiders or stinging insects and flies are not an issue.

One point that is very important to remember is that we do not guarantee the safety of property left on site in off season from weather damage, theft or vandalism. So in designing your camp site, don’t leave valuables that are easily removed. If you wish to leave tools we strongly suggest suggest a metal lock box secured to a cement foundation.

This should not have to be said, but we will say it anyway. Under no situation can any group or individual leave illegal items of ANY nature in their camps. If Uranium Springs security finds that this has happened all rights to property on the site will be blocked and law enforcement may be called in to remove any items. Uranium Springs staff will not invade privacy of our campers, but in off season will be making rounds through all structures to assure that no animals or vagrants have taken up residence in our camp sites.

These rules are subject to change over time.

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