For those who have made the treck to Uranium Springs, we thank you. For those who plan to join us we look forward to seeing what mark you leave on the refuge of Uranium Springs.

Over teh past 3 years Uranium Springs has gone from a remote 40 acre site that the only way to reach was a long hike through rough desert terrain to a site with a dirt road that can handle all by teh most frail of ground transportation. As we strive to improve the road and the entertainment options of the event the realization that we are extremely lucky to have teh site we have.

This year we are making getting individual camps set with their own camp sites that they can build up year after year, leaving the big and bulky portions of their camp in place.

We are upgrading our Death Rally track, and adding more vehicles and going live with our mounted weapons to add more fun to the spectacle of watching a Death Rally race, as well as adding in spectator rules for launching “stones” at the racers you hate.

Our shooting range will be growing as well. Metal targets will be added, and we are looking to develop a couple competitions to add to the fun.

New this year, Outland Rangers will be on patrol guarding against the threat of toxic raiders from the south. So fear not if unsavories from the wastes descend upon our little town. The Outland Rangers are ready to defend.

As the town grows so does the entertainment on stage. DJ’s, bands, fire performers, burlesque displays, pyrotechnics, and freak show performances are all planned this year.

Uranium Springs is growing, and it is due to the wanderers like you who brave the wastes to carve out a little bit of salvation. Welcome wanderers you have found a place to revel in the apocalypse.

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