Is Uranium Springs a LARP event? In short no. But really it is all about how you want to have a good time with the setting provided. Groups that wish to LARP at Uranium Springs are welcome to, but as a practice we are not playing a game with a plot, we are hosting a festival focusing on the real and theatrical tools of survival in a post apocalyptic setting.

With our guests ranging from hard core gaming fans of titles like Wasteland 2 and Fallout, to true survivalists, hard core desert partiers who love the apocalyptic theme, costume designers, and dedicated fans of movies like Mad Max and more than I can list here, we have decided that our goal in hosting this event is to provide a setting for all of the personalities to come together and have a good time.

Now I am sure some overly defensive types may get uptight about me saying there is a difference between what we do and LARP, and I would like to direct you to to see what a LARP is and how amazing it can be when done with a collection of dedicated participants.  Check out their wicked works, draw on it for ideas for your own costumes and camps, and know that we don’t think we are better than people who want to host LARPing events, we are just a different flavor of entertainment.

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