You are on your way to becoming a citizen of Uranium Springs, but what does one wear to the apocalypse?  This is our costume guideline list that we hope will give you all the information needed to make the best choices when gearing up for the event.  ALL guests must be in costume while not in their own camp.

To start, we want all of our guests to have the opportunity to explore their creativity and have fun, and the rules we have put out are not done to stifle your creativity, but are there to make sure that we are all building towards the same goal.

To start lets talk about what we like to see.

Uranium Springs is a windy place, so functional eye protection, and nose and mouth covers are highly encouraged.

Pulling colors from rusting metal.  By this, we mean, blacks, browns, greys, metal, rust, and the like.  Using brighter colors as an accent to your apparel, not the focus of it.

Dirt, holes, signs of wear and tear.  There are tons of how to videos that can step you through making some great gear.  If you don’t have the time, or the place to make your own gear, there are many vendors and crafts people who sell amazing stuff.

What to avoid.

  1. No pop culture apocalypse mash-ups. This means there is no post apocalyptic Darth Vader, Super Mario, Charlie Brown, Deadpool, etc.  We love to see those costumes come to life at Comic Cons and other festivals, but they are not welcome additions to Detonation.
  2. Just because it may have an apocalyptic feel, does not make it Uranium Springs post apocalyptic. Video games such as Borderlands have a rustic survival feel, but they are not appropriate to our setting.  To make this simple, our post apocalyptic theme is Earth based.  We have seen some amazing costumes that tap into settings that where they may be close, just make the event feel like an out door Comic Con, and so, are not welcome at Detonation.
  3. NO raver glow toys, or bright colored fake fur.  The debate on these things have been had more times that we can count, and to save everyone the lost time and hurt feelings, the decision is NO.   Detonation is not a rave.  There are hundreds of raves around the country, if these costume choices mean the world to you, rave on my friends….at another event.  Poi are welcome (fire preferred) but keep them monotone, no flashing, or color changing poi.
  4. Non distressed street cloths or club attire is not a costume.  Take the time to distress the clothing items you are wearing.  Beautiful girls in goth club attire or their panties is not a costume.  Just take the time to dust it up, some well placed rips, some sun bleaching and good accessories can turn a hot goth outfit into a jaw dropping apocalyptic show piece.

We do not expect everyone to have movie quality outfits, you will not be judged if your outfit is simple, only if you don’t try at all, or obviously break the guidelines.

At Uranium Springs we have people from near and far joining us with the intention of surrounding themselves in the post apocalyptic setting as much as possible. This is something that the event organizers do all they can to provide the setting, but it is up to our guests to make sure they don’t distract from the theme with non-setting attire.

So, if everyone follows these steps it will make sure the event looks as wicked as it can.

Vehicles can wear costumes. This will be given its own area post, but unadorned vehicles will need to be parked in the parking area. We will be asking people to unload their vehicles and move to the parking area as soon as possible.

If you have questions on whether your outfit is not appropriate, feel free to jump on our Facebook page and post some images and ask our participants. Creativity is the key, and we have some very inspirational costume designers in the EoD.

Now we will be asking people who are obviously disregarding the guidelines to correct their outfits on site. Don’t take this as an insult, understand that we are doing it to make the event look great for everyone. We do not seek to embarrass anyone, and will have extra costume pieces available to help anyone who has made a costume choice that does not fit. Honestly if you follow the above guides, the possibilities are endless to do many great outfits. Let your creativity run wild.

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