We will once again host a live fire shooting range this year but it will be much more limited than last year.

The firing range will only be open from 10am to 1pm Friday and Saturday.

Real firearms cannot be used as part of your costume in any situation.

Firearms MUST remain unloaded at all times unless at the firing range.  When you are ready to leave the firing range you must clear your weapon and present it to the range master to show it is clear.

Firearms must be stored in locked cases or have trigger locks, and stored in a locked vehicle when not in use at the firing range.

Alcohol and firearms are not permitted to mix.  If you have been drinking, leave your firearms in their locked locations.

Threats of violence with a firearm will not be tolerated under ANY circumstance.

Rules may be changed prior to the event make sure if you plan to bring a weapon you are current with the rules.  Ignorance does not equate innocence.

ANY violation of firearms rules will result in immediate removal from site, no negotiation. 

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