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Time to Light the Fuse!

Welcome to Detonation 3 and Uranium Springs! The closest you can get to the end of the world without the radiation burns. If you are new to the End of Days Entertainment’s events, take some time to explore the web page.  We will be updating regularly, to clarify rules, and what you can expect out […]

Building your permanent camp in Uranium Springs

The feature of Uranium Springs that makes this a unique project is that we are making land available for groups and individuals to build on the property and leave there structures in place year round to be used at the next event. The guidelines listed below are subject to change as we are exploring how […]


NEW VOLUNTEER Procedures are being started this year to make things as simple as possible for both volunteers and staff.  More information coming soon. You can contact our Volunteer Coordinator to submit your request to be part of the team.  

Camps Hosting Parties

One of the best parts about Uranium Springs is hosting gatherings to draw other people into your camps to show off your hard work.  We encourage groups to promote gatherings in their own camps. We ask that if music is played that the volume does not compete with entertainment going on at the main stage, […]

LARP vs Immersive Party

Is Uranium Springs a LARP event? In short no. But really it is all about how you want to have a good time with the setting provided. Groups that wish to LARP at Uranium Springs are welcome to, but as a practice we are not playing a game with a plot, we are hosting a […]

Costume Guidelines

You are on your way to becoming a citizen of Uranium Springs, but what does one wear to the apocalypse?  This is our costume guideline list that we hope will give you all the information needed to make the best choices when gearing up for the event.  ALL guests must be in costume while not […]

The Refuge of Uranium Springs Grows

For those who have made the treck to Uranium Springs, we thank you. For those who plan to join us we look forward to seeing what mark you leave on the refuge of Uranium Springs. Over teh past 3 years Uranium Springs has gone from a remote 40 acre site that the only way to […]

Map to Uranium Springs

This map has direction on it. I-40 to exit 294, then follow the instructions and follow signs. Download or click and drag it off this page onto your computer and it will be the large full resolution version. Also…do not think that your GPS will give your correct directions, or find you some magic short […]

Merchants and Food Vendors

We have a special deal for vendors at Uranium Springs. for vendors who will be setting up a booth and manning it for a majority of the daylight hours of the event, there will be no charge for your space, and we will give you one free admission. We do encourage you to make sure […]

Trash Removal

Uranium Springs is a haul it out yourself event. Please bring trash bags so you able to pack out what you bring in. We are discussing a trash removal service for a fee for camps who want to purchase that service. More info on that will be posted later.